Chilly but beautiful training row today

What better to do on a Saturday morning than get up early and go for a row with a bunch of mates. Definitely saw the best of our beautiful Waitamata harbour today.

photo 3

A moody early morning,

photo 4

Being adventurers at heart we couldn’t help but make a landing on watchman island, claiming it for King and country! perhaps thats been done already….oh well

photo 7

Great team,

If anyones keen to join us on Saturday mornings, please get in contact we have two boats to fill.



Lovely Day for a Row

Watch out Hobart the Auckland boys are out training!

Not sure that anyone on the other side of the tassie will be shaking in their boots but it was a lovely morning for a row and quite a contrast to last saturdays 35 knots. Great to be on the water and putting the St Ayles through its paces, learning lots.



Don kindly brought along his beautiful Herreschoff rowing boat Brand New Day for us to have a go in, boy what a contrast to the St Ayles, so light it almost rows itself..great fun thanks Don.

Skiff Rowing 009 Skiff Rowing 004

Kaikoura Skiff nearly completed!

Wow, just ad an update from the Kaikoura menz shed and their skiff is coming along amazingly quickly. Looks like a fantastic place to build a St Ayles skiff.

The boat is now off the off the molds with seats and gunwales nearly completed and oars built, painting and finishing to go.

Awesome work guys look forward to getting all the Kiwi skiffs together soon.

Check out their facebook page for more details search: menz shed kaikoura




Second Skiff launched in New Zealand today

A momentous occasion today as the second St Ayles skiff was launched this afternoon. The as yet unnamed Skiff was launched this evening at Westhaven marina and quickly joined Wee Tawera for a light hearted race out onto the Waitamata harbour before returning to celebrate our success at Swashbucklers with a suitable cold beverage.

We were very honored to be joined this afternoon by Murdo MacLeod, a genuine Scottish St Ayles enthusiast visiting here on holiday. It was great to talk to Murdo about the latest trends in rowlocks and technique and favourite ales and other important topics!