2016 Raid and Regatta update

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There’s been a lot of rowing into the wind to get to this update. Our crew have been very busy getting our ducks in a row and mostly haggling with bureaucrats and red tape, however its actually coming together…yay!

Heres a dandy wee map of our intended voyage (Raid) and the daily Itinerary.

Interest is building and I now have a large contingent of names on my list, we are working on food now and costs so stand by and another update on these will appear soon.

Very pleased to announce that John Welsford has offered to bring along his fine launch as mothership and join in the fun.

We have a very large Tasmanian and mainland Aussie contingent planning to brave the trip and we will endeavour to find suitable boats for them all (trans Tasman shipping is a bit OTT )

True to our word we are well underway with another 7 St Ayles Skiffs which will bring the total to 10 at the regatta, racing will be off the beach with a great venue for lunches and post race celebrations, hot showers and accommodation for all.

NZ Coastal Rowing Map 1

Starting at Sandspit (about an hours drive north of Auckland) the Itinerary is as follows.

Draft run sheet for 2016 Raid and Regatta.


Day 1              Fri 29th          HW 12:02      Distance: 8.6nm          Lunch: Goldsworthy bay      Camp: Martins Bay Holiday Park

Arrive Sandspit, Registration safety gear checks etc. Trailers stored at Mikes section. Launch boats and journey to Martins Bay and set up camp.

Day 2              Sat 30th          HW 12:41      Distance: 4nm            Lunch: Sullivan’s                  Camp: Martins Bay Holiday Park

Mahurangi regatta, chance to join in the regatta or races from the beach. Entries on the beach at Sullivan’s. Leave boats at Scott’s Landing for night. Bus back to campground.

Day 3              Sun 31st         HW 13:21      Distance: 16nm return Lunch: Warkworth                Camp: Martins Bay Holiday Park

Bus back to Scott’s Landing, day trip up the Mahurangi River to Warkworth. Lunch at Warkworth Cafes, bus trip to Parry Kauri Park and return. Row/sail back to Martins Bay Campground. (expecting some towing required)


 Day 4              Mon 1st          HW 14:04      Distance: 5.7nm         Lunch: Moturekareka           Camp: Lidgard House

Pack up camp at Martins Bay Holiday Park and journey to Lidgard House (Bon Accord harbour) Possibly drop into Mansion House on the way.

Day 5              Tues 2nd        HW 14:50      Distance: 7nm return    Lunch: Tawharanui              Camp: Lidgard House

Day trip to Tawharanui and return to Lidgard House.

Day 6              Wed 3rd         HW 15:40      Distance: 6.5nm            Lunch: Coppermine              Camp: Motuora

Pack up camp at Lidgard’s, Journey to Motuora via Coppermine for lunch. Make camp at Motuora Island.

Day 7              Thu 4th           HW 16:36      Distance: 8.5nm           Lunch: Army Bay?                 Camp: YMCA Lodge

Pack up Motuora Island, and journey to Te Haruhi Bay via Army Bay. Accommodation at YMCA lodge Te Haruhi bay.

Day 8              Fri 5th                        HW 17:34      Distance: 0         Lunch: YMCA lodge               Camp: YMCA lodge

Lay Day, chance to stock up on snacks, repairs to boats, also setup day for the St Ayles regatta. (plenty to explore for those needing to stretch their legs)

Day 9              Sat 6th             HW 18:32      Distance: 0                   Lunch: YMCA                         Camp: YMCA

St Ayles skiff rowing regatta, racing in the bay in age groups

Day 10            Sun 7th                       HW 19:27      Distance: 0        Lunch: YMCA                         Camp: YMCA

St Ayles regatta, racing in the bay in age groups

Day 11            Mon 8th          HW 20:19      Distance: 6.85 nm (return)  Lunch: Tiritiri Island             Camp: YMCA

Day trip to Tiritiri Island (possible race there)

Day 12            Tue 9th           HW 08:49      Distance: 11nm             Lunch:  Woody bay                 Camp: Home bay

Pack up and journey to Home Bay Motutapu Island

Day 13            Wed 10th       HW 09:37      Distance: 9nm                 Lunch: Oneroa via Blackpool Camp: Rocky Bay

Pack up Motutapu and journey to Rocky bay via Blackpool (walk up hill for lunch at Oneroa)

Day 14            Thu 11th        HW10:25       Distance: 7nm                 Lunch:  Nikau Track                    Camp: Motuihe Island

Depart Rocky bay after packing up camp then walk up Nikau Track, followed by journey to Motuihe Island.

Day 15            Fri 12th          HW 11:14      Distance: 6nm return        Lunch: Rangitoto                   Camp: Motuihe Island

Day trip to Rangitoto, walk and return to Motuihe. 

Day 16            Sat 13th          HW 12:04      Distance: 8nm                 Lunch: Browns Island          Camp: Panmure Yacht &                                                                  Boating Club/AKL Grammar Rowing Green

Pack up Motuihe Island and the Tamaki River. Set up camp at Auckland Grammar Rowing grounds. Final night and function. Pack up in morning and collect trailers from Sandspit. (Bus to Sandspit)

more updates coming soon…