Great Row to Riverhead

Today we embarked on Wee Tawera’s first major adventure with a 4nm row to the upper reachs of the Waitamata harbour, joining in the Classic Yacht Association of New Zealands launch cruise to the historic riverhead hotel.


We had decided this was to be a fun day and with a dozen people keen to have a row or simply come along for the ride we had organized a small powerboat to join us and enable us to swap rowers to give everyone a turn.


This is the first time we have really had time to stretch out and settle into a decent rythum. I must say this boat is incredibly enjoyable to be around, from its stunning good looks to the way it slides through the water its hard not to be hooked immediately.


In a little over a hour rowing at an easy pace and stopping to swap crews to give everyone a go we arrived at the historic Riverhead hotel where we joined 20 classic launches and their crews for a most enjoyable lunch before embarking on the return journey.


Changeover of crew.


The upper reaches of the waitamata harbour make for ideal smooth water rowing.


The return trip was just as enjoyable and with a tail wind we fair flew along, again swapping crew around and having turns at rowing, steering and taking photos from the runabout.

All up a most enjoyable day and many favourable comments on our beautiful St Ayles skiff. Already the people that joined us today are hooked and I’m sure there is going to many more to come.