Welcome to New Zealand Coastal Rowing, home of the St Ayles skiff in NZ.

New Zealand’s history is full of coastal rowing journeys and races, many journeys were made out of necessity as basic well founded open rowing boats provided the backbone of transport around the countries many coastal ports, harbours and rivers, transporting all manner of goods, fishing and of course whaling. This lead on to racing and many open rowing boat races are listed in our history including in our Anniversary regattas throughout the country.

The NZCR has been formed to promote and encourage the revival of coastal rowing in strong well founded open rowing boats not only for national races between teams fighting it out for victory but also journeys, adventures and exploration of our countries amazing waterways.

Why the St Ayles Skiff.

Why did we chose to embrace the St Ayles skiff and not a well founded New Zealand design? It’s quite simple really the St Ayles skiff has since 2009 become an international one design rowing boat and with over 100 built around the world it opens up the opportunity of international and trans Tasman racing and comradeship. Something that could never be achieved with a one off local NZ design.

Schools, Corporates and community groups.

The success of some small community groups like the Kawhia whale boats have proven that open boat rowing is a great sport for coastal communities throughout New Zealand. Combining great sea keeping ability, ease of handling and the ability to be built from a kit by a small community group makes the St Ayles skiff the perfect boat for exploring the many rivers, lakes and harbours in our beautiful country.

We are currently working with a number of schools to promote the concept of school teams racing and outdoor adventure, unlike sculls rowing or dragon boats the St Ayles opens the door on outdoor adventure and smaller groups working together to build team skills and confidence on the water.

The modern corporate environment of today is focused on building strong teams working together to achieve their collective goals, what better way to develop these team skills than a corporate regatta. Teams racing each other over a short course or perhaps participating in a longer destination journey with great food and refreshment waiting at the finish.

How we going so far…

Well thanks to the help of the New Zealand Traditional Boat Building School we have boat number one Wee Tawera all finished and looking rather splendid and we are well on the way with boat number two.

We have 10 kits in stock ready for assembly and can offer either the basic kit for immediate delivery or completely finished boats or any stage in between including oars.

please contact us with any questions or queries you may have….

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  2. Greetings from Norfolk, England, where we’re experiencing ‘seasonal showers’, and from where your raid and regalia fills me with envy. Is the raid going to be an annual event (for which it would be worth saving up for)? If so, are the 2017 dates available? And would a visitor be able to get in a crew?
    Hope all goes well.
    Tom Harris.

  3. Hi! I’ve seen and admired a couple of St Ayles skiffs and am interested in how it would cost to buy the basic kit in NZ (Nelson).

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