Cooks 250th Celebrations UPDATE

Cooks 250th Celebrations UPDATE

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NZ Coastal rowing is intending to take part in the 250th celebrations in Whitianga Coromandel, marking the arrival of Captain Cook and the Bark Endeavour to New Zealand in 1769.

Thanks to Baden Pascoe preparations are well underway for a mini Raid at Whitianga starting on Thursday 17th October and finishing Sunday 20th.

As most people can only make it for the weekend we have modified the plan to suit. The Updated General plan is as follows,

Thursday 17th: Arrive at Whitianga in the afternoon. Set up camp at
Harbourside Holiday Park. Launch skiffs and berth at arranged location at
marina set up story boards.

Friday: (High tide. 10.45am) Time to be advised: Row out into bay to meet
Endeavour and flotilla arrive in bay. Skiffs accompanied by MFV John Dory
support vessel. Row over to Simson’s beach and attend powhiri. (weather and waves permitting) If time permits we may beach skiffs and walk to look out at cliffs above bay.

Saturday: (High tide 11.35) Depart from marina at 8.00 and row up river to
Coroglen or Te Kauanga Landing (research to be done on depth of shoals)
Return in afternoon and berth skiffs so public can view and discuss the
concpet of coastal rowing.

Sunday: ( High tide 11.58) berth location open to general public until
approx. 11.00). Skiffs do general row around to Flaxmill Bay, Cooks Beach,
visit flotilla. Return to marina mid- afternoon, slip boats and pack up

Baden has pre-booked 12 sites at the Harbourside holiday park and has organised for the Skiffs to be safely tied up in the Whitianga Marina on display.

Those interested in joining this event please contact Baden Pascoe at for more info and to reserve a spot.

For more information on events,

Visit the Tuia 250 website here

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