for all enquires regarding NZ Coastal Rowing or the St Ayles Skiff in NZ

please contact either:

Steve Cranch


m.   021 135 7171


Mike Mahoney


m.   021 677 826

Or for our Mid week St Heliers group,

John Polson


m. 027 818 8894

Baden Pascoe


m. 027 444 4598



7 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Good morning, Mike and Steve, great site and photos, just to let you know that there will be a Cygnet Tasmania Team joining you on the raid and the St Alyiffes Regatta. We will be joining the LBT contingent. Looking forward to enjoying the gorgeous scenery and meeting some fellow “skiffies” Cheers Jennifer

  2. Hello the Cygnet Tasmania Team are wondering if there are any more details to share we now have dates etc which is great. At this point there will be at least six of us and unknown number from Franklin Just wondering about the availability of boats for the raid and if there is provision or ability for participants to join raid or swap over during raid. When do we have to finalise numbers for raid and regatta. Cheers jennifer

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Great to hear of the Cygnet groups enthusiasm. I have about another 15 names from franklin and had allowed 5 for your group so will amend that to 6 +
    We will have St Ayles skiffs available for the Raid and Regatta (we will have 10 skiffs in total) Also we are scrounging together as many small sailing craft as possible and will let you know whats available closer to the time (soonish) Totally ok to swap around, join leave whatever.
    more details of costs and other details coming soon on the website.

  4. Hello, news from Cygnet we have a definite 5 who are booked for New Zealand I have been asked to make contact to let you know that we would like to participate in the first raid and the regatta to follow. Wondering about costing for the raid and if you could lets us know how to get to the first point of call from Auckland on wards we arrive on the 27th Is there public transport etc. Do we book cabins etc so that we do not have to bring camping gear or is camping gear required. Cheers Jennifer

  5. Recently watched a “rowing race” in Russell with crews from racing sailboats in Mark Robinson’s 4 oarsman maticulous double Enders and was dismayed to see the abuse they were subjected to. More than a few broken oats (the crews were given no instruction on how to set the up, most backwards…) and setting out with rudders hard aground, ramming back into the beach at full pace. As an amature British Columbia Canada Wooden boat builder I just cringed…such a shame the work and effort did not get the respect it deserved.

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