3 thoughts on “Wee Tawera in action

  1. Greetings from North Berwick, Scotland. It was great to see the videoa clip of Wee Tawera, if slightly surreal, as my sister Anne, and her son Jordi are two of the rowers! We took Jordi for a row in our skiff St. Baldred in North Berwick this July, but had no idea they were involved with the NZ skiff!
    Happy rowing !!!

    • Hi Phil,
      Its fantastic isn’t it, here we are worlds apart and your sister pops up rowing a skiff just like yours!
      Actually Jordi and Anne made themselves known when we had Wee Tawera on display at the cloud a couple of weeks ago, they seemed so pasionate about the St Ayles that we just had to invite them along.
      secretly we are hoping they will start work on building their own skiff soon!

      regards Steve

  2. Thank you so much Steve and all the gang for this wonderful opportunity. Jordi and I had a fabulous time, and our muscles are finally back to normal. Yes we’d love to be able to build the first skiff for Howick. Wondering if we could sneak a large enough tent/shed into our backyard to initiate such a project! Maybe race against the real Scots one day!

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