Kaikoura Skiff nearly completed!

Wow, just ad an update from the Kaikoura menz shed and their skiff is coming along amazingly quickly. Looks like a fantastic place to build a St Ayles skiff.

The boat is now off the off the molds with seats and gunwales nearly completed and oars built, painting and finishing to go.

Awesome work guys look forward to getting all the Kiwi skiffs together soon.

Check out their facebook page for more details search: menz shed kaikoura




2 thoughts on “Kaikoura Skiff nearly completed!

  1. We look forward to seeing progress when we visit from South Australia in 2 or 3 weeks. Our Shed (Armfield Slip and Boatshed) at Goolwa, is just completing the first South Australian skiff. I will bring photos when we visit Kaikoura during May.

    What days does your shed operate?

  2. Hi there Gary, we are looking forward to your visit at Kaikoura . We usually work on the boat on Wednesdays and Sundays but if for some reason these days don’t suit you give me a call on 021-02583690 or email jlboyd79@hotmail.com and we will meet you at the shed when it suits you!

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