Hard yakka this training for Hobart



Great training row this morning, covered an easy 8km this morning and even had time for a rest in the sun, the Waitamata harbour is a wonderful place early in the morning, such a fantastic resource right on our doorstep and you don’t have to go far from land to enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Hard yakka this training for Hobart

  1. Very interesting. We haven’t seen this recumbent rowing style before, or the cox checking his iPhone to work out where you’re going. Rowers of the St Ayles fleet here in Tasmania generally go for a more muscular, traditional style and a compass. Still, if it works for you guys we’re happy to put it to the test at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival demonstration races in February 2015. That will give you a week or so to review results before you have to face the really tough competition: the ladies of Franklin at the St Ayles Regatta.

  2. Dear Paul,
    Thank you for your thoughtful comments and advice. We are newbies and require all the helpful tips and tricks we can get. However I do believe you are underestimating the potential of the recumbent rowing position, our tests to date show a remarkable reduction in windage, a lower centre of gravity and a markedly lower heart rate. Based on these findings we currently have a team working on some new oars with a 90 degree bend in the shaft, this will enable us to take full advantage of the recumbent positions advantage, I’m sure it will catch on and all teams will be doing this in the future.
    One other wee point I have ascertained from your comments, It appears that we may have another slight advantage on our Tasmanian friends, At least we know which end is the front!

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