Kaikoura Menz Shed launches their St Ayles Skiff


Congratulations to the Kaikoura Menz Shed on the inaugural row of their new St Ayles Skiff.

The Skiff looks fantastic, you should be all very proud and what an amazing setting to be rowing in.

4 thoughts on “Kaikoura Menz Shed launches their St Ayles Skiff

  1. Yes, we are certainly proud of the boat … and finally on the water for a test run. It was a beautiful day and all went very well. Minor tweaking of the oars needed but no big deal. A worthy project for any group!

  2. Very impressed and envious of your Tasmanian Tour. We’ve had ‘Kaikoura Lass’ out several times in South Bay and around the Kaikoura peninsula into Whalers Bay and from Jimmy Armers beach around to Kaikoura’s beach front. We have encountered dolphins and shoals of kahwai as well as albatross, gannet, shearwater and blue penguin. We attended this year’s Antique and Classic Boat Show on Lake Rotoiti where we enjoyed rowing on calmer waters among numerous other oar-powered boats. Visitors were impressed with ‘Kaikoura Lass’ and one particular individual has since purchased the kit. Always a treat to row, we try to get out there as much as we can.

  3. Its so fantastic to hear that you guys are getting as much pleasure out of Kaikoura lass as we have from our boats. Start saving your pennies for a road trip north next year we are planning something BIG, Keep an eye on this site for announcements soon.

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