Introducing Rowing in Wellington


After a quick road trip this weekend, Thanks to Damian and John, Wellington now has its very own St Ayles skiff, appropriately in Hurricanes yellow!


What better way to celebrate long drive to Wellington than with a quick row to stretch the muscles,


Congratulation David and Alan, It’s fantastic to have a group in Wellington

Those of you who were part of the 2016 Kiwi Raid might remember David and Alan, they joined us for the last few days and obviously hooked on this St Ayles lark returned again recently for a mini Raid to Rotoroa island where thoughts of a Wellington boat were hatched. A creative bunch those Wellingtonians they have even managed to score a shed close to the sea, appropriately named studio 5 Art Base !

For more info or if you’d like to join them for a row contact,

David Stimpson,




One thought on “Introducing Rowing in Wellington

  1. Fantastic to see, Wellington!!
    We’ve just (tonight!) embarked on building the first two of a planned ten St Ayles Skiffs in Geelong with a team of Iraqis (who’ve just arrived here after three years under ISIS), Iranians and aSlovenian woman!

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